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Once thought of as a side alternative to traditional marketing, social media is taking center stage for many businesses.


What Is Social Media Marketing?

No longer just a way to reach young consumers, social media works for any age demographic and gets results for B2B marketers in every industry.

Most people think of social media marketing as posting stuff on Facebook.

Social media marketing is a complex interplay of strategies for speaking to your audiences directly and interacting with them. Yes, posting content plays a part, but you will need to dynamically connect with people and even get them interacting with each other. You will want to use techniques like retargeting and link building to make the most of the medium.

Simply posting, as if Twitter or Instagram was like a digital magazine, does not work.

Do you know that less than 2% of your followers see your content?

Facebook and other social media properties throttle your exposure to potential customers—unless you pay them or unless you do an exceptional job of engaging the people on their platforms.

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What Good is Social Media if Your Website is Not Optimized?

Search engines use highly sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to understand content, assess its value and relevance, and serve it up to people searching on specific topics. Doing it right isn’t simply a matter of using keywords.

On-page SEO also involves the technology and functionality of your pages, fresh written content formatting and readability, proper use of internal links and site maps, proper tagging of images, videos, links, etc. Are you earning a spot in answer boxes?

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Social Media Strategy

Before beginning any social media marketing, we map out a strategy with you that fits you’re your online and offline marketing plans. We talk to you about such issues as:
  • What are your objectives for your social media efforts?
  • Who do you plan to reach and engage?
  • What are the interests and places where your target audience can be found? How are they using social media?
  • What key messages do you want to send? What key actions do you want your audience to take?


Working back from your business’s goals, our team of social media specialists will create a social media program that gets results.

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Organic Social / $1,000

(monthly cost)
  • 3-4 posts per week
  • 10% monthly follower growth
  • Monthly content calendar
  • Post design
  • Post writing
  • Posting to platforms
  • Up to 3 platforms
  • Pixel implementation
  • Monthly report meeting

paid social / $1,000

(monthly cost + ad spend)
  • 1-2 constantly running ads
  • Ad design
  • Image selection
  • Copy writing
  • Audience targeting
  • Pixel installation
  • Re-targeting
  • Ad optimization
  • Monthly report meeting

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