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Are you using lead magnets?

Automating your marketing and generating leads you can convert to customers can power the growth of your business and your profits. If you aren’t maximizing your use of this marketing tactic, you are not putting to use your website’s traffic.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is an offer you make to a visitor on your website that entices them to share their email address, phone number, and potentially other valuable information. In exchange for giving you their contact information, you provide them something of value.

The idea of the lead magnet is to build your email list and capture information from people who are potentially interested in what you are selling. To work, you have to offer something valuable and do it in a way that gets attention and compels action.

What Is an Effective Lead Magnet?

If you are like most businesses, you’ve invested real money in your website. Perhaps you have spent on SEO, social media, and advertising—all designed to drive visitors to your business.

The average visitor, however, spends less than 15 seconds on a site. If you can’t grab them right away, you are wasting marketing resources. A lead magnet gets them interacting with you, gives them something valuable, and creates a lead upon which you can build a relationship.

Here are the three aspects of an effective lead magnet:

  • High Value: Your visitor has to perceive what you are offering as valuable—and ideally the value is actual, not just perceived. Offering a free newsletter is boring. You need to offer something relevant and useful.
  • Instant Gratification: Deliver value right away. If you are offering a physical sample, send it at lightning speed. If your offer is digital, get it to the customer in seconds, without a lot of clicks and hoops to jump through.
  • Convey Your Selling Proposition: Make your offer something that reinforces the value you provide. Convince them they should buy from you and buy now. A good lead magnet builds your credibility.

Lead Magnets Feed Your Sales Funnel

We will work with you to develop offers that your customers will value. We think out of the box and strategically for ideas that get results. Some examples of lead magnets we can build for you include:

  • A free webinar (like the one below!)
  • A free eBook download
  • Templates, workbooks, checklists, and other tools
  • Access to an exclusive event
  • Discounts on a future purchase


We integrate the lead magnet into your website and your email system to automate the process from end to end. Here are two examples of low-cost/easy-to-implement lead magnets:

eBook Design / $600

(flat cost)
  • Original Design
  • Single page PDF format
  • Graphics and images included
  • Copywriting

Email Automation / $600

(flat cost)
  • Email Design
  • 3 Emails, always sending
  • Copywriting
  • We provide the images

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