If you’re still reading articles like “7 Reasons Your Offline Business Must Have an Online Presence” in 2021, this NYC-based digital marketing agency has some sobering news for you.

Until a few years ago, everyone was talking about how important it was for any firm to have an “online presence.” Fast forward a few years, and most business owners dislike gimmicky, cutesy branding attempts that waste their time and money while delivering little to no sales.

In fact, in a city like New York, where small firms account for 99.8% of all businesses, digital marketing has virtually earned a negative reputation. Nobody tells you the truth that having an amazing website, a simple business Facebook page, or for that matter, an Instagram page is all old tricks that no longer work. Business owners are no longer interested in all the colorful digital marketing crap. They are eager to invest, but they want to cut through all the hype about awareness, brand building and concentrate on generating better outcomes in terms of cash-in-pocket sales.

Only a few leading firms, such as Tell Me Your Goal, rated as the best digital marketing agency in NYC, understand and practice this subtle but significant shift in the digital landscape. Unless you stay ahead of the curve in this digital world, you should make peace with fading into oblivion along with the 70% of businesses that fail by their 10th year.

Digital Marketing as a Means for Growth Marketing

While digital marketing is necessary for every business, merely having a website and social media accounts doesn’t cut it anymore.

Without a marketing strategy, your website has a lower chance of getting seen than a neon sign blinking in an empty street. In today’s fast-paced online world of direct marketing, hundreds, if not thousands, of websites compete for the attention of your potential clients.

So digital marketing techniques with a primary goal to deliver measurable growth for your company with a proven process of data analysis, testing and optimization will get you the desired result.

Every aspect of this digital marketing plan will have to be taken to the next level. A new growth-oriented digital marketing strategy emphasises the transition from good images to eye-catching images, from merely attractive websites to stunning but optimised functional sites that convert visitors into customers, and from a standalone social presence to responsive social media marketing.

These statistics from independent studies will show you why superficial digital marketing is practically the same as having no online presence.

  • The average conversion rate ( getting the visitor to do some desired action ) for websites that use video is 4.8 percent, compared to 2.9 percent for those that don’t.
  • Emails with personalized subject lines are 50% more likely to be opened.
  • E-commerce customers who receive multiple abandoned shopping cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to complete the purchase than those who receive only one follow-up email.
  • According to SaleCycle, 28.3% of eCommerce revenue comes from abandoned cart emails.

As you can see, having a strong online presence that generates results is a product of a well-thought-out marketing plan and execution.

Tell Me Your Goal: Digital Marketing Agency Nyc Specializing in Growth Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

Tell Me Your Goal operates with the primary goal of delivering timely, measurable growth for any company.

Because the focus is on specific business objectives and overall company growth, dedicated teams over there take a holistic approach to digital marketing, incorporating all channels into the strategy, which includes website services, SEO, email marketing, app development, social media, and commercials.

Elyssa Preston, a company executive, provides a distinct perspective on their strategy. “ Website design is a strategic endeavor for us where a stunning design, high quality SEO optimized content, smooth thoughtful functionality, engaging video – all come together to convert your maximum visitors to either potential customers or repeat visitors. For serious players, integrating social media marketing, email, app development into the plan helps us have multiple touch points with potential customers. Finally, we focus on the company’s growth indicators and are motivated by them. Being voted the best Digital agency NYC on Yelp in the hyper-competitive New York City market means that producing results every time is no longer an expectation, but rather a responsibility and obligation.”

With an impressive claim of 92% clients receiving page 1 rankings within 3 months and ability to work for companies of any size at reasonable rates, Tell Me Your Goal is worth a try for your digital marketing projects.

Unlike other agencies that offer a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, their custom build teams deliver cutting-edge expertise across a wide range of digital marketing specialties.